Donate to Pet Adventures today to help raise money for animal funding! Any amount money that you want to send MJ will go to not only the pets of Pet Adventures(like vet trips and more essentials for the pets) but it will also go towards future give aways and benefits for the fans of pet adventures as well as daily vlogs,pet care videos,pet projects, and big road trips to animal related trips and more!

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Benefits for the Adventures Crew

For every $50 I receive I will do a give away and bonus Younow stream to talk face to face with more fans for an entire hour.

Give away items include free Pet Adventures shirts,stickers, and more! I will also include free toys for your pets like small animals,cats,dogs,reptiles and fish! 

Benefits for the pets of Pet Adventures

Pet Related road trips and Adventures

Donating to Pet Adventures will also help the pets that you all know and love. 

Expenses include buying better cages,toys,better decor,the best possible diets and Vet trips that may urgently come up

There is no set goal for the expenses of the pets and every little bit counts!

Donating to Pet Adventures will also help with expenses for any kind of pet related road trips!

Donating will also cover expenses for even higher quality pet videos and pet vlogs

The road trips will also include meet ups with all of you guys which I will be able to do and I will even bring one or two of my pets with me for you guys to meet! MEET ONE OF MY PETS WOW!!

Again there is no set goal for this and every little bit counts

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